Who We Are & What We Do

Our journey began in 2017 & was driven by an evident lack of authentic Arabian audio libraries in the MENA region. With a multi-disciplined team – comprising of seasoned professionals in the fields of music composing, marketing & tech – we embarked on a mission to build a comprehensive audio library for the thousands of content developers across the Arab world.

We avidly believe that no matter the nature of project (student graduation assignment, corporate film, TV documentary, or brand commercial), a story cannot be told without the right audio track; and not just any track. We collaborate with some of the most talented artists & composers across the region to ensure that our library offers creators the widest range of tracks & genres, that are uniquely Arabian in nature. Ultimately, we aim to be the go-to provider for those who want to look beyond generic audio libraries, and inject authenticity into their content.

More Than Just a Library

Looking for something specific within our library & couldn’t find it?

Looking for something specific within our library & couldn’t find it? Working on a special project that needs something a bit more exclusive? Maybe you value customization above anything else? Not a problem. Our talented composers are highly capable of producing something specifically for your project or organization. We have worked with numerous brands across the region on producing customized audio themes to suit their needs, and we’ll be more than happy to do the same for you. Get in touch with us at EMAIL ADDRESS HERE and let’s figure out the best solution for you.

Join Our Talented Network of Composer

We are always on the lookout for talented artists & composers who want to share their music through our library. Our fair profit-sharing schemes protect the rights of music composers & our library gives them a platform through which they can reach clients across the region. If you produce audio content that will help us grow our library & contribute to its breadth, then get in touch with us at EMAIL ADDRESS HERE.